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Wednesday, 29 May 2019
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Hello and welcome to our more personal article here on Casinolooter.

In this article, you are going to get to know us better and you will find out how we got going with a online casino top list website.

So, let’s get started shall we!

The people behind

So, you might wonder how someone just suddenly came up with the idea of making an entire website about online casino top lists. Well it isn’t that hard. Quite frankly it has become quite common!

The reason this happens is due to a largely grown interest in online casino among people of the world. Many players are looking for new casinos and new bonuses and someone is needs to provide them with this.

This was also the case when Casinolooter was formed.

My name is Leonard and I created this site because I love online casino games.

I was also just like you probably are looking for some good casino bonuses or I just grew tired of the current casino I played with.

So, I said to myself, why shouldn’t I use my experience to help other fellows out with what I’ve learned during my active years as a casino player.

Said, done and without any arguments why I shouldn’t Casinolooter was founded and today aims to be one of the most up-to-date casino guides in the world.

Today we are a small team of volunteers that contribute to our website and helping people all over the world find their new favourite online casino!

About responsible gambling

So, what’s important to know when gambling with online casinos?

You guessed it, to play fair and to gamble responsibly. I cannot address this enough as it is very important to always play with your mind and not let emotions tilt you or make stupid decisions.

We really want you to feel good about your hobby with playing casino online. It should not be any form of anxiety crating activity.

This is very important to me and that is also why have made Casinolooter a responsible gambling website.
On several categories have we arranged rules that protects you from risks with gambling.

Here are some of them:

  • We do not offer online casinos without safety programs and options to limit your gambling in various ways.
  • We do not work with illegitimate casinos.
  • We do not work with unlicensed casinos.
  • We have played ourselves on the casino websites that is shown on
  • We always provide you with state of the art gambling issues options on our website. Everything so that your online gambling is played with big caution.

Company information

Casinolooter is created by the Swedish online casino company Rankify Sverige AB.

Rankify has ever since its beginning been a marketing oriented company looking to approach new verticals.

Casinolooter is so far, the biggest challenge in the company’s history. Targeting an international audience is a very fun and hard thing to do.

However, we are certain that with a really great premium casino brand like Casinolooter, premium content & casino partners our guide will be a huge hit.

Below you can find some relevant company information.

  • Company website: Rankify.
  • Organisation registration number: 559103-0423
  • Public registration: Alla bolag.
  • Company address: Ellenbergavägen 495, 26293, Ängelholm, Sweden.

If you want to send us a message you are welcome to contact us on our contact page.



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